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Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

I have been quite successful in losing a lot of weight, but I didn’t really start it as a resolution. It just started when I made up my mind and took a very long while to accomplish. I went from about 300 at my heaviest to about 230 where I am now. My goal is to reach 200, but that’s taking far longer than even the first seventy pounds did to lose.

There have been other resolutions, but again, they were made because I was very tired with living some other way and just decided to change. One of the only other things I did was to stop biting my fingernails. Once I did that, they started to grow in nicely and I no longer have to hide my fingertips and be embarrassed.

I’ve found that resolutions can be made anytime and to stick to them, all you need is an effort of willpower and to make up your mind. Not waffling around helps a lot, and not backsliding into old habits.

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