My 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe – Check Engine Light


At the beginning of this week I fueled up my 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and everything was normal. Two days after that the Check Engine light illuminated. The behavior of the vehicle was unaffected and so I figured I just didn’t secure the gas cap properly. I brought it to Maple Hill Auto, as I have for all my service, (loyal to a fault) and they performed an oil change and cleared the check engine light after testing the vehicle. I paid $13 for the oil change and $45 for the repair. I drove the vehicle away and later that night the Check Engine light came back. I drove the vehicle to Maple Hill and they told me that they were going to change out the Vapor Canister and that they wanted to keep it overnight. They claimed they tested the system 3 times and the light had stayed off.

Today, while driving from my workplace, which is Walwood Hall on Western’s East Campus to my Gym on Stadium Drive, nearing the intersection of Drake and Stadium the Check Engine Light came back on.

I am going to drive the vehicle to Maple Hill tomorrow morning at 7:30am and hand it over to them. I am in a quandary over this, this will be the third time that Maple Hill has attempted to fix my 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe and I am nearly out of faith, patience, and understanding on this. I think we really ought to have a sit-down meeting and discuss the path we should take.

The ownership of this vehicle has not been without it’s unpleasantness. Total Brake system overhauls for $600, made more bitter when I learn that Hyundai overpacks the pads and nearly guarantees pad and rotor failure. Another $600 extortive boondoggle surrounding the 60,000 mile service which includes a charge for checking the fuel system when it doesn’t have any serviceable parts and ultimately comes down to an A/C check and a replacement air filter. I did it myself. Then there is the $400 loss surrounding a tie-rod end that I was under the false impression that my extended warranty “should” have covered and come to find out that it wasn’t. The company that stands behind the extended warranty that Hyundai resells hid behind their fine-print and screwed your customer on a repair that really should have been covered.

So here we stand. I own a car with a extended warranty hosted by a slimy shiftless fine-print dodging company and now I’ve got repetitive failures and nobody seems to be able to fix the problem properly. Randi, I’m quite tired of handing Maple Hill Auto my credit card and there is only so much I’m willing to take before I have no choice but become the ugly angry customer that I really don’t want to become.

Tomorrow at 7:30 I will be bringing my Santa Fe in for service. Please let me know when you would like to have our sit-down meeting.

Thank You

Andy McHugh – 269-216-4597

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  1. I've had the check engine light come on after purchasing a certain type of gas (Sunoco I think) on the NYS highway on the way back to Ohio. It went away after I had to stop to refuel and purchased a different brand that I was used to purchasing with that vehicle (pretty sure it was BP). It might not be a bad idea to add some fuel injector cleaner and/or wait and see what happens after you refuel, this time from someplace else.

    • mine did that also yesterday 4/17/12 also it acted like it was going to stall out. I was 1 qt low on oil so I put that in but the light is still on?? Going to have it checked tomorrwo at Autozone. I need my 60,000 check up but every thing I read says it costs 1200.00 to me that just seems too much.

  2. My 07 Santa Fe check engine light comes on when I turn on the Ac. If your problem was the same and you had it repaired please, drop a line on the success of the repair. Thanks

    • My 08 Santa Fe check engine light has been on since about the 60, 000 mi checkup. It now has 68,500 miles more or less..I took it back to Goodyear, where I get my servicing done, but they could not figure it out….I went to Advanced Auto Parts and they did a free dianostic scan to get me the code…it also said that the problem was with the emissions. I am now looking online for a site my daughter had found in which there is a man named George, who will tell you what the problem is if you can email him the code. I am going to see if I can find this website. Good luck to those of you with a similar problem.

  3. I have a SantaFe 2007. My check engine light came on the very day I hit 90,000 km. You might wonder why I am making a point of the mileage. I had a 1991 Mazda MPV that had the check engine light come on at exactly 80,000 km. Being the skeptic I am, I got in touch with a friendly small shop mechanic who cleared the fault and I am still driving it today. Oh by the way, the check engine light came on again at 160,000 km. Draw your own conclusions about what I am thinking.

  4. I left a comment two days ago about my 2007 SantaFe’s check engine light coming on the same day it ticked over 90,000 km. My wife had done the last fill up and wondered, after reading through other people’s comments about that, if there was a connection. Bottom line, the check engine light is now off.
    What I did. 1) Removed and re-tightened the gas cap to make sure it had not been left a bit loose.
    2) Disconnected the battery and left it that way overnight. I would not really have expected this to have an effect in this day and age of non-volatile memory. (some might call me a computer geek and everything has a microchip now-a-days)
    Yesterday I took the beast out for a run and had no problems. Go figure. If it comes back, I’ll post here again and probably go see a mechanic.

  5. My 2007 light came on right after 70000 miles. I did what Derek did and it has stayed off. If it comes back,I will take it in. Had the same problem on a 2000 Elantra at 90000. Did the same thing and its never came on and I am at 112000.

  6. My 2006 Santa Fe (142,000 miles) passed it’s California smog check last Saturday and a couple days later the check engine light came on. It’s been serviced regularly, belts and such replaced as needed, and runs really well. Do you suppose the smog tech loosened something or left something untightened????

  7. i own a 2007 santa light just came on again.
    i wish i paid 13 for an oil change.
    first time it was a catalytic converter. we will see this time

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